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DSC 4627W1HAIR — Of all the accessories we collect and don throughout each day, it’s the only one we don’t remove when we go to bed. It’s our one, true physical attachment to style and self-confidence. Our identity, our attitude... sometimes our morning nemesis, it’s always our first impression’s first impression.

Meaning “formal living room” in Italian, SALOTTO brings passion and worldly experience to San Diego – not to mention a completely unique hair styling experience in a relaxed, home-like enviornment. Your "dream-do" comes true with our masterful techniques, fine-tuned by years of dedicated practice and professional training. Salotto Salon is conversational by intent, designed to invite you into a warm and welcoming atmosphere of eclectic tranquility.

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Who Do You Wanna Be Tonight?

A good night starts with a good do. We’re talking about your hair – but who knows where the night will go when you look this gorgeous. You’re yourself all the time. And while we don’t doubt how awesome you are, give yourself a rest. Take your alter ego out for a night on the town. After all, a new hairstyle totally allows for a new personality to match. Tonight is yours – and your alter ego’s. So, who do you wanna be?

The Veronica
Hashtag Awesome
The Carissa
Totes Rad
The Niki
The Krystal
Excuse Me?
The Trisha
B*tch Plz.

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Rancho Bernardo

16935 W Bernardo Dr,
Suite 185

San Diego, CA 92127

Telephone: (858) 592-9362

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San Diego's Premier Hair Salon in North County

footer-bumbleAt Salotto, we aim to provide the ultimate San Diego salon experience with the very best in hair design. We’re dedicated to being the hair salon that’s a sanctuary – a place to relax, socialize and decompress – and the destination that gives you the look that gets the look.